The Teaching Engine Exercise Store

Over many years, we have built a teaching engine that provides a student with an array of exercises to boost literacy with spelling and phonics, comprehension and practice. Our unique engine provides a wealth of practice, test and enjoyment.

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Download exercises for the Teaching-Engine

If you have the Teaching-Engine program on this computer, you can download any exercise from within the program by opening in the Tutor mode and from the Gateway Grid click the Import/Export tab, then click Import from the Internet. The downloaded exercise will automatically appear at the top of the Gateway Grid.

If you have the Teaching-Engine program on another computer, you can use any browser to download an exercise to a flash drive. The file name will be On the computer with the Teaching-Engine, the exercise(s) are to be imported from the flash drive by using the "Import from hard drive" button on the Import / Export tab.

Even if you don't yet have the Teaching-Engine program, you can still browse the exercise listings to get an idea of what is currently available.More exercises can be added at any time. Currently, there is no charge for the download, however that may change in the future.

More information on the exercises listing:

The Teaching-Engine program has the following sections:

  • Reading including sight word practice and phonics
  • Spelling, practice and test
  • Reading comprehension practice and test
  • Sight reading test
  • Math tables

Any exercise can have one or more of these sections included. The exercise preview display will show a sample of the content of each of the sections. Typically, the reading section includes text of the exercise and the other sections are derived from the text content.

Exercises can be on:

  • Any subject
  • Any grade level
  • In nearly any language

The website exercise listing shows many exercises and evaluation tests already available. More will be added.However, anyone having the Teaching-Engine program can modify any downloaded exercise or make up an original one. Anyone who has learned the basics of Microsoft Office can learn how to make lessons with the Teaching-Engine.